Whether you're a "Click-and-Mortar" or an Internet  "Pure- play", you've identified what a powerful business tool the Internet is. Illuminant Incorporated can help you with every aspect of online business from design to hosting to programming. It doesn't matter if you are an established merchant who's site needs a boost or someone who can't figure out where to start, we can help. 

Illuminant Incorporated can do more than help you with
your website. We are also experienced programmers
who can help you with your custom programming and
Middleware needs. 

If you're new to E-Commerce, you'll need a look that is clean and will sell. If you're an old hand on the Internet, you may need a face-lift. Either way we can help.

The world is becoming a single global market. Are you ready? We can provide International e-commerce solutions also.

Over the years Illuminant Incorporated has helped many customers develop their E-Commerce presence. We can also help yours.